TOFA Ambassador Leadership Academy


Our Mission

Our youth are our future leaders and TOFA is taking part in this wave of investment. 

Ambassador About Us:

Target Demographic: K-12 Asian Pacific Islander youth in the Sacramento Region

The purpose of TOFA Ambassadors is to activate awareness within the members of the Asian Pacific Islander Youth and their personal and civic duty to create change within the community. 

Eliana Folau, our youngest Ambassador!

We will be meeting on zoom!

Ambassadors will have the links sent to them.

TOFA Ambassadors Census Messages

Lavulo's 1

Louina Hafoka, Amelia Hafoka, Meletonga Lavulo with Luisa Lavulo


Our Ambassadors met at CrossFit Kaiwai for team building and networking exercises. Coach Liz, started off the night separating Ambassadors into teams. each team came up with a team name, logo and chant. She ended with teams directing a blindfolded team member   to create a perfect square with a string of rope.
Our President ’Ofa Mann talked about networking. She had some of the Ambassadors represent city officials and practiced formal introductions and networking basics. 

Elizabeth Mann is a Senior Recruiter for Pacific Staffing. Catherine ‘Ofa Mann has been  a community leader for over 20 years, and served two full terms as an Asian and Pacific Islander Commissioner to the Governor of California. 



practicing Introductions

This week our Ambassadors signed their agreement contracts, formed partnerships and learned to formally greet others. They will take this skill and apply it when they represent TOFA at community events this year.


Our Voice Matters; APAPA’s Annual Voter’s Forum


On September 28th, 2019, TOFA President, ‘Ofa Mann, organized our TOFA Ambassador volunteers at the “Our Voice Matters; 18th Annual CA Voters & Candidates Forum”, hosted by APAPA. TOFA Ambassadors were security, time keepers, crowd control, greeters and audience participants.

APAPA’s founder CC Yin opened the event while keynote speaker, actor, Tzi Ma spoke to the importance of having our voices heard.  Ma shared, that “entertainment is relevant, meaningful, and a powerful tool for  us to have our voices heard.” A host of elected officials addressed the audience and answered questions from the public. We look forward to being part of this important event next year. 


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